About Us

We are a bunch of digital native creatives helping brands become the very best they can be

Keep It Simple is in our culture

It’s that vibe when you visit us. It’s what you feel when you sit on one of our bean bags. But more importantly, Keep It Simple is what’s necessary for people to take action and create a relationship with your brand.

Our team’s got the right amount of crazy to make your brand’s story flourish and come to life. We help you not only develop what your brand needs, but IDENTIFY what it is that your brand needs. Let’s team up! We can do some amazing work together.

Our Clients

These are the companies that inspire us and put our passion to work.

ASC - Asociación de Subscripción Conjunta
Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico
The House - Wine, Beer and More
DLC - De la Cruz

Our Team

We’re the KIS family and we bring our diverse talents together to create magic.

Francisco De la Cruz

President, padawan drone pilot, firefighter in a previous life.

Carlos Rubin

Creative Director, street photographer, likes to draw coffee mugs on stuff.

Milvia Ramírez

Project Manager, popcorn addict, Sarah Jessica Parker is her platonic BFF.

Viviana Rondinelli

Account Director, rom com watcher, adrenaline junkie.

Cristina Rodríguez

Social Media Manager, salsa dancer, rumor has it she owns a Batsuit.

Javier Valcarcel

Senior Copywriter, flat-footed runner, talented at playing as Ken from Street Fighter II.

Edgardo Cuevas

Visual Designer, expert online shopper, only Kanye can judge him.


Account Executive, chocolate chip cookie baker, professional smartphone screen breaker.

Tere Rodríguez

Art Director, Salvador Dalí fan, has a natural remedy for anything.

Alexis Blas

UX/UI Designer, mountain biker, drinks almost 30 oz. of coffee a day.

Hilda Rivera

Digital Media Manager, wannabe stand-up comedian, sweet as a chili pepper.

Tony Lopez

Head Developer, surfer, runs on energy drinks.

Xavier Toledo

Social Media Manager, fluent in sarcasm, mismatches his socks.

Carlos Fernández

Graphic Designer, comic book geek, has watched 3,214 TV series episodes and counting.