This is how we make smart ideas come to life and deliver the results you need.

Digital Strategy

Getting the most out of your brand’s story online takes a concise game plan. Digital technology has impacted people’s behaviors when it comes to media consumption and buying habits. Attention is now scattered all over the place. Your consumer is probably watching TV while browsing his Twitter feed or liking an Instagram photo first thing in the morning, possibly enticed to have some breakfast at a local brunch because of a tempting image of chocolate covered waffles with strawberries on the side.

We at KIS have seen a lot of what works and what doesn’t to outline an effective strategy for your brand. There’s a lot of hard, concrete data collected in order to create our magic. We map the customer journey from A to Z and then optimize when and how it’s needed to create the desired connection with your consumers.

UX Design

How do you get people to click where you want them to click, read what you want them to read, and see what you want them to see? For your site to be just right it needs to have a design that goes hand in glove with your brand and usability that makes the experience easy for your consumers to take action.

We don’t take for granted what others take for granted. Our experience understanding user behavior and best practices will help your brand make the most of every digital experience. UX and UI is all about keeping it simple, because the easier you make it for your consumer, the greater your desired results will be.

Branding and Design

Every single day, the brands we work with inspire us. That’s because every day we put in the work to make sure every contact with your consumer reinforces your brand image. We tell captivating stories, create beautiful, effective design and map out the right strategy so that every piece of content we put out creates the desired emotional connections.

It’s not only about putting out the right content, but understanding the context of every one of the digital platforms where your brand is present. Simply put, if you want to get into your customers’ hearts and minds, we know the way.


This is where your ideas come to life. We’ve got the resources to turn your web projects into awesomeness. Here at KIS, we’re up to date with the latest technology and use it to your brand’s benefit. Speedy, flexible optimization when you need it and how it’s needed, fluid e-mail marketing process and the experience of understanding what it takes to create a successful responsive SEO-friendly website.

We’ve got it all covered with talented developers to deliver your front-end and back-end needs. Just leave the geek stuff to us and your brand will be alright.

Social Media

Marketing has been a two-way street for a while now. Social media can build legitimate lasting relationships with your customers when used in the right way. Being effective at social media means being on top of everything, from set-up to community management to content creation to analytics. It also means listening to your audience and learning from them, leveraging paid and organic media to your full advantage, reaching out to influencers that make sense for your brand and becoming part of the conversation.

We invite you to do social right with us, because we’re not only up to date with current social media landscape, but we like to be ahead of the curve and a speed bump after that. There are people out there waiting to get social with your brand, we can help you find them.